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This exclusive 4 week live transformational program is for the divine women ready to lead with her heart and soul.

You are Invested in your leadership, impact and sovereignty. Together we will design your soul led business while falling in erotic love with yourself. For a month I dare you to step into the most sacred seductress woman you already are.

Including the additional support of like minded women, we will share intimate conversations on the raw truth that surfaces as you heal your inner wounds while leading authentically and boldly in your business.

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Program benefits

🖤 Learn how to embody your intimate life mission

🖤 Build a successful soul led business from scratch while healing any wounds/ trauma

🖤 Activate your wealth energetics to feel confident in generating more income

🖤 Create a pleasurable and radiant self love and erotic practice

  • Week 1: Sexy Mindset

    You are an INTELLIGENT and a BEAUTIFUL woman, We are going to soul dive into the subconscious mind to unpeel the layers of any misaligned habits & behaviors.  Your self concept and self image will dramatically improve with subconscious transformation.

  • Week 2: Activate your secret Weapon

    Find your RADIANCE, what turns you on? Your confidence and playfulness is discovered through erotic curoisty. We will connect this energy so you can uplevel in your life and business. This will invite you to design and energetically charge your PREMIUM offer so you can show up authentically in your power.

  • Week 3: Femme Fatale Authority

    You are an alluring and RARE woman. You will feel empowered to show up authentically and energetically aligned to be BOLD in your wild truth! You are creating a MASTERPIECE.

  • Week 4: Magnetic Sales

    Learn about WEALTH ENERGETICS and how to turn on your pleasure to empower the BOLDNESS in your prospects decisions.

    In one month build or elevate your soul led business. You will join a group of like minded women open to share empowering and intimate conversations on their intimacy, healing & impact. You are supported through it all.

The Investment

The Coffee & Orgasms Signature Program is $1,500 USD (and sure, some people pay that in full). If you want to spend less at the time of applying and know that you still get the same program, I offer two payments of $750 USD.

We do require a $500 USD security deposit to secure your spot.

Why me as your coach?

You will be fully supported in creating a life of purpose and meaning. You will learn new tools that can be used for the rest of your life. You will re-access deep old patterns from your past, release old programming and beliefs, discover new ways of blessing and serving others, and meet new people who support you at your next stage. A bonus is an opportunity to experience deep sexual energy and empowerment.

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The Signature program questions

Common Questions

How does someone get started working with you?

Let’s grab a coffee and begin your transformation.

1.Join me in an intimate Wild Rose 1:1 coaching/ mentorship, Application sent via inquiry

Join the live Coffee and Orgasms 4 week Group Program

Any Questions you can follow me and ask in

Who is this service for?

Women ready to elevate their life, while sharing bold conversations in their empowerment journey. They share vulnerability through conversations on sexuality, love, spirituality,  intimacy and everything else in between.

What is your refund policy?

For all programs and coaching agreements, if you are paying through a payment plan, you are responsible for completing each payment regardless if you leave the program or do not complete it in the time frame provided. There are no refunds.

What is the Coffee Vault Support Chat?

In between calls you have access to other radiant women in a group chat to integrate the course material.

What do I do if a question isn’t answered in the FAQ?

If a question is not answered, message me directly via instagram