A note from our Founder

This message is for anyone who has ever felt like my story is their story.

As a survivor of sexual abuse trauma, raised in a single-family home, and feeling the isolation of being a Colombian immigrant; I spent much of my life feeling like an outsider. Like the "good things in life" were for other people...not for me.

I lived an unpredictable life, including the chaos of also working as a 911 paramedic. I still felt like an empty vessel longing to feel part of something greater than myself. This empty feeling made me realize I needed to release, accept, and forgive the pain that I had bottled up deep inside.

This led me on this journey of self-love by having these deep internal conversations and turning my pain into my purpose. As I look into my journal, I birthed these powerful words "Coffee and Orgasms". It reminds me of the bravery I felt releasing and forgiving these wounds.

With this, I invite you to give yourself permission to devote back to you. I want you to magnify your own voice and speak love, encouragement, and bravery over yourself.

This is my wish for daring women like us...Reclaim your power.

Behind our Brand

The "Coffee" in Coffee and Orgasms symbolizes the meaningful conversations that people can share while having a nice, warm coffee. That feeling of being able to open up in a safe, judgment-free environment with a delicious beverage in hand. “Orgasms” partially stands for restoring a positive relationship with sexual pleasure, but that’s not the whole story. It also signifies the closest you can be to a person. A connection that’s so deep and robust that you’d have faith in them to catch you whenever you fall.

  • Vulnerable

  • Empowered

  • Opportunity

  • Connection