Unlocking the Power of Self-Trust: A Journey to Healing and Empowerment

Have you ever felt like your past is weighing you down? Like you're carrying a heavy burden on your chest that just won't go away? I know I have. For years, I blamed my difficult past for my present suffering, and it felt like the grief of losing my sense of safety and family would never leave me.

But I decided to pick myself up and put the pieces of my life back together. And let me tell you, it was hard. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. But it was also the most rewarding.

Today, I can look back at my past and see beyond the trauma. I can acknowledge the blessings in my life - compassion, unconditional love, self-forgiveness, and the freedom to be myself. These are priceless treasures that have led me to a happy life.

So how did I do it? I took that first step of healing. I spoke up and released my voice. I was radically honest with what felt broken and then shared my truth with others. Self-empowerment is the only way to reclaim the story of your life. And trust me, anyone can do it. It's all about taking that first step.

Creating a daily devotional self-trust ritual is the launchpad towards a beautiful and intimate new reality. Trust yourself to speak love over yourself each morning. Listen to music your soul needs. Spill your heart out in your journal. Find a pleasure practice that brings you back to all your senses. This is your story, and only you can rewrite it.

Healing trauma is not a linear process. It's a spiral where you meet yourself again and again. But in stillness, you can gauge your emotions and inner state. And when moving forward after trauma, it's important to invite a holistic approach to heal. You can't try to solve traumas unless you account for all the variables and walk through the full path one step at a time.

Forgiveness is essential for building trust. Forgive yourself for self-blame and isolation. Forgive a culture that does not know how to deal with healing. Forgive yourself in those moments of chaos. Forgiveness is an intimate layered process and comes in stages. But the sooner you take steps towards letting go of the pain, the sooner you'll reach your state of serenity.

And remember, the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Make an effort to intimately connect with what your heart needs after a traumatic experience. Connect with trust as you begin to explore the wisdom of your emotions again. 

So wherever you are in your devotional journey, I'm inviting you to welcome yourself back into the light. Start loving yourself, choose to make the hurting stop, and experience all the unforgettable and pleasurable moments you were born to live and feel. Trust happens in between this sacred devotion back home to you.

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