The power of healing circles

The world can be an ugly place sometimes. No matter how your life may start out, there’s always the possibility that it may take a tragic and unexpected turn. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Most important it doesn’t mean that you can’t bounce back and feel at home again.

Suffering in silence is one of the hardest things for the human mind to bear. The suffocating feeling of having negative memories stuck inside you that you’re unable to express is paralyzing because you don’t know how to break the bindings that silence has had on you for so long. 

It can truly make the pain much worse and amplify the impact that it has on your life in the long term.  You see, I wish I had a family or friend tell me that I could rebuild my life by turning my negative experiences into a positive platform.  A platform of power, intimacy, and stability. It took me attending my first ever woman's healing circle to understand this.  Stepping into my power meant learning to surrender to my self-expression while being embraced by the support of another woman who has walked a similar path. Walking through the emotional fire I was then able to see the positive perspective of these experiences. Through it all, each time I attended a healing

circle I honestly left feeling like a strong, female protagonist out of a hero movie.  In this trajectory, I learned there is always a choice to heal, love, and forgive any story. 

My heart and body have now reclaimed sovereignty. This all began when I started to share my story. Opening up to other women seeking their own hero's journey. Coming together we all agreed that on a soul level, all we need is love, trust, and support through all cornerstones of our lives. 

Through these meaningful conversations with other women, we were able to open up in a safe, judgment-free environment. As trust unraveled in these healing circles we also began to share and help each other restore a positive relationship with sexual pleasure. That our power is also found in the love we have for our bodies. And in the love, we can give to our partners. This power is so deep and robust that you can invite faith again in who you share your heart and body too. When we declare personal power and devotion back into our lives. We are invoking with courage that a healed life is possible. 

The most heartwarming experience is that we discuss openly our desires as women and wholeheartedly know that we can be supported emotionally through it all. This support is pivotal to transcending any emotional pain. In a space of real healing, you will find your closest friends that can become the voice of positivity for you. Your dearest friends who will be a beacon of hope in your darkest hours. Getting back the sense of freedom, self-worth, and control over your life, because this is the only path forward. The gift here is that you will then pass this beacon of life to another woman too. 

I have felt so safe and honored when I shared with an intentional circle of women. The need for secrets is taken out of the equation too. Now, imagine what a life without secrets would feel like? What relief it was to explore our full selves. Layers of self-blame were dissolved, illuminating the path to a shame-free life, and learning to heal all once you let go of secrets. 

Through receiving the support of other women. They become your mirror to remind you of being someone worthy of love, abundance, and everything your soul desires — no less than what you deserve.

Slowly after I exposed any secrets I was also able to rewire my nervous system and devote myself to experiencing pleasure and joy again. I began to explore my inner self. I finally began to feel free again. With the support of my female friends I had the courage to let go of fears that haunted my past, and I began to dream again. This invitation allowed me to reclaim my life and my source of happiness. 

I invite every woman to lead with patience and forgiveness when you enter this journey. The change will not happen overnight, but joy and wholeness will arrive during  breakthrough moments of self-compassion.

It’s honestly reassuring to see us collectively as women move towards a culture of support and speaking out about our life experiences, however painful they may be. Talking about these traumas helps us understand them, get past them, and live the full life we were meant to have. Remember, no matter how tough things get, life has a relentless knack for rebounding. And why not come back brighter and more loving than ever while receiving the support of the woman next to you. 


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