I guide brave women 
who want to heal from the trauma
of sexual abuse & reclaim
their pleasure, playfulness, and purpose.

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A third of women who are raped contemplate suicide and that trend will continue to rise if we don’t do our part to support those who have gone through more than anyone ever should. They need comfort and the chance to speak out in order to live their life to the fullest.

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I am here for you, the courageous woman who is ready to heal. Who is ready to move forward in her life’s purpose. Who knows that there must be MORE out there for her, if she could only move beyond the pain and shame she has carried for far too long. Together we create a brave space for your healing. A safe place for you to return to your birthright of confidence, playfulness, joy, and pleasure.

I'm Dayana

Sacred Life Coach | Pleasure Mentor
Master NLP Practitioner

As a survivor of sexual abuse trauma, I spent much of my life feeling like an outsider. 

Like the “good things in life” were for other people...not for me. Like I would never have the things I say I want: love, happiness, and closeness with others.

At the same time, I yearned to connect with my life purpose. I longed to feel a part of something greater than myself. I longed to connect with other people, though I had no idea how to feel safe inside a relationship. Until I learned how connect with confidence, pleasure and forgiveness. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I want to invite you into a sacred sisterhood of women who know how it feels to be stuck in a cycle of shame and self sabotage…


Sacred Life Coach | Pleasure Mentor  | Master NLP Practitioner

no more.

And who are ready to say           

reclaim your power

I invite you to devote yourself back to you.

I invite you to magnify your own voice. 
To speak healing over yourself. 
To ignite your creativity and reconnect with pleasure and play. 

This is my wish for brave women like us.

My healing is a process -- a process over which I now hold a complete and peaceful command. 

All of this is part of my own story, too.

For years I have felt broken, misunderstood, blaming everyone for my present lack of peace and disconnection from love. My life finally turned around when I was willing to look at the wounds that my inner child still carried. 

I decided to quit drinking alcohol. 
I decided to quit living in the past. 
I chose to start building a life full of brave conversations. 
Gradually, I started to make my own pleasure my priority. I finally knew, deep in my soul, that I was worthy of love and happiness.

For the first time ever, I took the leap of spending time in only my own company. I went backpacking alone in Colombia and Costa Rica. I traveled to India. I designed my own solitude retreat in Sedona, Arizona. I discovered the art of Tantra to reconnect myself with creativity and Spirit. I learned the power of neurolinguistic programming for changing my toxic beliefs about myself and the world. 

You are not alone. Even in our most secret shame, we are not alone.

Spent weeks or months in therapy, then quit, wondering why it seems to help everyone but you?

Used alcohol or other addictive distractions to try and ignore your own shame?

Self-sabotaged your career and relationships because you didn’t believe you are worthy of love and abundance? 

Repeatedly allowed people to cross your boundaries?

Found yourself reliving the same unhealthy patterns in all your relationships?

have you ever...

have you ever...

coffee and orgasms

You are worthy of all the

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Our Signature Approach

the coffee and orgasms programs amd coaching empower you through...

In safety, you can expose the *need* to keep secrets and imagine what a life free of secrets would feel like for you. Eliminate self-blame and illuminate the path from shame-free life into self forgiveness. . 

Here we identify and prepare you for what it looks like to live a life of empowerment. This does not mean eliminating triggers completely, but becoming a woman who knows how to hold space for her own emotions compassionately.

Release your patterns of self-sabotage. Recognize yourself as a woman who is worthy of love, abundance, and everything her soul desires. 

You are wired for pleasure and joy. We make it our mission to return to playfulness and to feel in to our personal idea of freedom. We begin to dream again. We invite what we desire, because now we are ready to allow ourselves to be happy and embrace love.

Dayana, thank you for all you have helped me through. When I met you my life was full of stress and anxiety. You’ve helped me to finally see my worth as a goddess and lead me on a path of healing. You’ve awakened my spiritual awareness and I can’t thank you enough ❤️"

- Quinntessa Sterling

Dayana was very kind and supportive with me all the time. She guided me through a 6hrs healing session. she is grounded and making me feel comfortable the whole time. It was a healing experience for me, that I didn't know how much I needed until we were there. She also was very empathetic and shared her own story, which allowed me to feel more comfortable when it was time for me to share mine. At the beginning, it felt uncomfortable and hard to just think about opening up with stuff like that, but then, listening to her do it first, allowed me to do it too, and sharing my experience out loud was helpful for me to accept and embrace my past experiences. I hadn't realized before how much I had just shut down to it, and when she made me confront it, it was awkward at first, but then I understood I needed that in order to heal, and I deeply appreciate it. I'm forever grateful with her for that ❤🙏🏻. "
-Isabella Karbel

"Dayana is a great listener, offers help by asking the right questions.I don't even know how to explain it in words 'cause it's not something that you can process but feel. She consistently reciprocates and focus on the other person. ME! ♥️"

-Trish S

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